Residential House Shake

Master Shake Roofing Products


50-Year Paint Warranty


26 Guage Non-Glare Textured Finish


16" x 36" Coverage Covers 4sq ft


5 Colour Choices

Westlin’s Master Shake Roofing Products are the future of steel roofing for your home! Durable, inexpensive, easy to install, and even recyclable—this roofing series is a great solution for contractors and homeowners alike.

Over the years, traditional shingles have proven to be an unreliable failure, often only lasting for 10 to 15 years. Metal roofing, on the other hand, has proven to be a much more dependable, long-term alternative, often lasting more than 50 years.

With the growing popularity of metal roofing, however, many manufacturers have switched to lighter residential products, using lighter metal and cheaper paint. We’re here to provide you with a better, more robust metal roofing solution—the Master Shake—and our goal is to provide you with the best roofing product you can put on your roof.

Structurally, there’s an extra creased indent on peak of the rib, giving it exceptional strength. The steel is prepped before powder-coating, giving a powder-coating process that backs up our 50-year transferrable warranty.

Available in 5 Colours

Master Shake - Jet Black

Jet Black

Master Shake - Slate Grey

Slate Grey

Master Shake - Graphite Grey

Graphite Grey

Master Shake - Sephia Brown

Sephia Brown

Terra Cotta Shake Color

Terra Cotta

Ask us about our Aluminum Master Shake option!

  • Will not rust
  • Light weight to install, easier to get up on the roof

Why Choose the Master Shake Roofing Products?

Westlin Metal Roofing - Master Shake 1

Beautiful Design

The sleek, yet rustic look of the Master Shake can’t be beat. It’s sure to draw attention from your neighbors and give your home a gorgeous, modern look.

Modern Trim

Not only is the trim system good looking, it’s functional, too. Built for added strength, it has a gutter system that works quickly and efficiently to control the water levels on your roof.

Westlin Metal Roofing - Master Shake 2
Shake Strapping

Strapping & Leveling

By using horizontal and vertical strapping, we eliminate sags in crooked and uneven roofs, making the roof’s appearance as good as new, while increasing airflow under the roof. This airflow space helps to keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing heating and cooling costs—and your hydro bill.

Strong Construction

The Master Shake is made of tough 26-gauge metal, with a textured paint finish to reduce scratching and give it a more residential, asphalt-style shingle appearance. It can handle massive amounts of snow and bad weather, all while resisting fading (even in high UV areas).

Westlin Metal Roofing - Master Shake 4
Westlin Metal Roofing - Master Shake 7

Easy Installation

The Master Shake is that it can be installed over existing roof shingles, making it a long-lasting solution that goes on for a quick fix.

Secure Fastening

While most metal roofs are fastened every 24 inches, the Master Shake is fastened every 16 inches. With color matching screws, it ensures the beauty of the roof.

Westlin Metal Roofing - Master Shake 10
Westlin Metal Roofing - Master Shake 10

Protective Ridges

The ridged weather seal system we use is one of a kind in its ability to stop insects, dust, and even rodents from getting into your home, and provides vital airflow to your attic.

Matching Ice Guards

Our unique ice guards are designed to blend in perfectly with the roof and keep it safe from snow and ice.

Matching Ice Guard on House Roof

Master Shake Trim & Accessories

Eave Starter

Eave Starter

Bull Nose Eave Starter

Bull Nose Eave Starter

F Trim

F Trim

F Trim

2-Piece F Trim

Two Trim

3-Piece Valley

F Trim Piece

3-Piece Hip

3-Piece Valley Trim

2-Piece Side Wall

3-Piece Hip

Top End Wall


Color-matched Caulking

Color-Matched Caulking

Master Flash

Master Flash

Snow & Ice Guard

Color-matched Plastic Snow Guard​s

Metal Roof Vent

Roof Vent

Venting Foam

Venting Foam

Powder Coated Screws

Powder-Coated Screws

Strip Nails

Strip Nails


1”x3”x12’ Strapping
2”x2”x12’ Strapping